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Many key Steel distributors and Stainless Steel producers in the German-speaking countries have been benefiting from the excellent expertise of RDS rostfreiDIENSTLEISTUNGEN for more than 10 years now.


On 18th July 2022, Stefan Müller-Bernhardt took over the seminars focusing on stainless steel pipes, fittings and flanges for RDS customers as part of his consulting activities under SMB staystainless thus closing the gap that has arisen in the market as Rolf-Dieter Schulze entered in 2021 in a political career.

With more than 30 years experience in the stainless steel business, Mr. Stefan Müller-Bernhardt has achieved all technical and sales milestones. His career spans from sales to production as he held leading positions at national and international levels to become a competent consultant and coach in stainless steel sales.

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“ Whatever you do, do it with enthusiasm and passion! "

Stainless Training

Get market share with competence not price

Why our Staystainless Sales Training?

The Staystainless Training skills covers external and internal sales.

Communication with customers is immediately improved, even after the first day. Sales staff become more confident in technical conversations and stronger in closing deals! The seminar leader is an experienced moderator with 30 years of experience in technical sales. In a constructive way, he accompanies the participants on their professional path.

Our unique selling point? - The proximity to the practice!

Our training models precisely address your case studies. Complex production processes and metallurgical interrelationships are conveyed in easy-to-understand presentations. Based on your specifications, customised company-relevant key points are intensified in the live group sessions. Participants receive feedback and have to apply what they have learned immediately between the seminar days. We transfer the theory directly to the daily work and ensure implementation!


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